Sunday, 24 March 2013


Script notes are often given a bad press by screenwriters (including myself).

But most notes I get are great, because I’m lucky enough to work with great directors, producers, script editors and commissioners (some of whom I’ve picked, most of whom I’ve been ‘given’).

A good script note makes you feel inspired - that the next draft is something to look forward to, not dread.

A good script note makes you feel like the script is worth giving everything you can to - even though you’ve already given everything and more.

A good script note makes you want to please the person who gave it. You may have fallen out of love with the script, but their love will keep it alive.

A good script note makes you see that the last draft you thought was perfect is actually an embarrassment you wouldn’t show your best friend.

A good script note is one you’d never think of by yourself. Suddenly you’re playing script soccer with a crack team rather than pathetically alone.

A good script note is your best friend.

Happy noting!

PS For more on notes & ‘notiquette’ check out this blog:

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